At NWK CrossFit we pride our selves in providing one of the best strength & Conditioning facilities in the UK. We have a Dedicated team of expert coaches who’s mission is to help you become the best possible version of you.

At NWK CrossFit we strive for progress, not perfection, & thats exactly what we can do for you….Help you progress constantly and achieve physical feats you wouldn’t have even dreamed of before!

We have an amazing community of like minded individuals all striving towards this one common goal, and with the support of the NWK community & expert coaches, you will achieve great things!

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4I started training at NWK in October 2013. At the time i was 22 stone, couldn’t run a mile, fairly strong but tragically unfit. During my 2.5 years of training at NWK, I have lost 4 stone, become faster, fitter and in many respects stronger. I have developed my knowledge of fitness and good nutrition.The encouragement and patience perseverance of the coaching team at NWK has resulted in the loss of weight, I have entered CrossFit competition, gained friends and the am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.

– Stuart Beard

3When I started training at NWK, I had 2 objectives, strengthening of my lower back muscles  & my core for improvement of my golf swing. With 3 classes  per week it only took 6-9 sessions to really start to notice the difference in my fitness levels & core muscle strength. Over the course of 12 months I have learnt many skills including a variety of Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements and more recently started work on the muscle up. These have all helped with lower back strength and a dramatic improvement in my golf swing.
– Ashley Stratton
2I have been very active over the last 3 decades with 4 different disciplines of dance, athletics, swimming, normal gym attendance, karate, being a fitness instructor myself but nothing has quite satisfied or deepened my hunger to excel my personal potential quite like Crossfit! Sam, Mike,Marc and Chris are professional, passionate coaches who inspire and challenge me to greater heights. I absolutely love NWK Crossfit! I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go! Thanks Guys!

– Valerie Benfield 

1I’d signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon and had six weeks to get into some kind of shape to allow me to finish! I started training at NWK CrossFit and can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to complete the half marathon without the training provided in the  Classes. I would definitely recommend joining! It was a great combination of running and strength and conditioning training that really gave me what I needed to complete the biggest running challenge I’ve ever done.

– Rachael Sweetland

1I have been training at NWK for the past 2 years and seen dramatic improvements in my strength and overall fitness. I have dropped 3 dress sizes and maintained a healthy size 10 for the past 18 months. I love mixing my training up between the weightlifting, bodyweight and cardiovascular elements. It is the most fun I have had training in the past 10 years, and as every workout is different I never get board! I cannot recommend NWK CrossFit enough. I love the CrossFit classes as I get brilliant workout every session.

-Laura Payne

4I started training at NWK CrossFit to get in shape for my wedding. I got married 6 months ago, and am still going to the gym! I love the different workouts that vary every time I do a CrossFit class, and the sessions are quick and very convenient. The coaching and support from Sam, Mike, Chris & Marc has helped me get in the best shape of my life, and I have learnt a wide range of new skills that I never thought possible before. If you haven’t done so already, book your into class and get involved, you won’t regret it.
– Laura Carey
2My Sister got me into CrossFit and I’m glad she did! I have always struggled with exercise as i never particularly enjoyed it. This changed when I started going to NWK. I have been training now for the past 3 years and love it! I’m still not bored and look forward to every workout! I am very busy with work but manage to my training in around my hectic lifestyle. The workouts are quick, fun and extremely rewarding! I would thoroughly recommend joining NWK CrossFit.

– Jo Farace


I have been into training all my life, and regularly go to the gym. I was looking for a training program that offered variety and most importantly results. I started at NWK CrossFit 2 years a go and lost nearly 13 lbs in body fat! I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been! I have learnt how to clean and jerk and snatch, muscle up, pistol plus much more… I have progressed more in the past 2 years than I have training in a normal gym for the past 10!

– Dave Hill


“ Sometimes its not about how good you are…But how bad you want it! ”




Wednesday 1st March 2017 -  Focus  'Movement Prep' 3 Min AMRAP: Toes 2 Bar   Metcon  7 Min AMRAP: 10 power snatches @40/25KG 3 [...]


Tuesday 28th February 2017 -  Focus  Deadlift 5x5 @80% Metcon  21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: Goblet Squats 24/16kg Push-ups Sit-ups


Monday 26th February 2017 -  Focus  Back Squats @80% 6x3 Metcon  In Pairs: With a continously running clock: 2,00M Row At the 6 min [...]


Saturday 25th February 2017 -  WOD Within teams of two, complete: 60-50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time of: • Wall balls @9/6 • Box jump, [...]


Friday 24th February 2017 -  Focus 'WOD Prep' Metcon CrossFit Open 13.4 Clean and jerk, 3 reps @60/40KG 3 Toes-to-bar Clean and jerk, 6 [...]


Thursday 23rd February 2017 -  Focus  HSPU's Technique Déficit HSPU's Metcon 7 Min AMRAP: 20 OH Squats @40/30KG 20 Sit Ups 2 Min Rest: [...]


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